The Home of Ossett Snooker


Hi everyone.

There is a lot of support for the continuation of the snooker league. However it saddens me to inform you all that we, the committee have made the decision to not restart the snooker league and the new season to be cancelled. Any games that have been arranged should not go ahead. Scores won’t be counted if they do.

There are several teams that are unable to play due to their high risk age group. For the completion of the league we would need all teams available for the remainder.

Our plan now is to evaluate the league as closed and promote/demote teams where applicable. Handicaps will be assessed and updated accordingly.

We have been given the registration list for quite a few clubs which is appreciated but there are many concerns over these troublesome times but the main factor is the safety of the players. Additionally, if there is a chance of a second wave or a localised spike which would put areas in a lockdown, it would definitely ruin any chances of resuming anything once started.

Can I also point out that the meeting on Friday 25th September has also been cancelled.

We can only apologise for this and hope to see you in the near future.

Kind regards.

Phil Ward

League Secretary