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finishing the season ...

Thank you to all those who have responded from my previous email regarding the registration of the new season. I still have some outstanding and these should be with me in due course.

We will be restarting the season from Monday 7th September. Nearly all teams have 3 remaining games in hand. These can be played on any weekday so we can complete the league as soon as possible. Could all delegates and team captains please coordinate with your opponents to arrange the remaining games to be played. If any teams are short of game cards, please let me know and we will arrange something for you.

A date for the first game of the new season will be given in due course.

Based on the period of time we have to finalise the previous season and restarting the new one we won’t be holding the champion of champions matches.

As mentioned in the previous email the next meeting will be at Hanging Heaton Working Men’s Club at 8pm on Friday 25th September and NOT Earlsheaton. Please remember it is only 1 delegate for each club to represent. I am still waiting on confirmation on attending from several clubs. Non-attendance will be counted towards missed meetings.

We will be taking payment for registered teams at the meeting. the £20 team entry fee has been waived so only the £7 per player needs to be paid.

All decisions have been made based on respondents opinions and the best interest for the future of the league but if you have any further enquiries, please email me and I will get back to you when I can.