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Restarting the season ...

Please read the following statement from the secretary of the league regarding continuation of league snooker ...

Hi everyone.

These have been difficult times for all of us. The past few months have certainly put many of us to the test and hopefully everyone has remained safe throughout.

Thank you to those who returned an opinion in the options that were sent previously. This helped us to understand what the consensus of the group was and what options we can make.

Last week on Friday we, (the top table) held a meeting to discuss the future of the Ossett & District Snooker League.

We have decided to restart the next season in October If WPBSA body allows leagues to resume. They have been contacted and I am awaiting their response. September will be used to finalise the previous league including Champion of Champions. I understand this is a small window and may have to play more than 1 game in a week. For the league to continue effectively this is the best option.

By starting in October the new league wouldn’t end until mid-May.

Also, we have waived the £20 team entry fee for this year. Majority of clubs have been known to pay this fee but we have decided to not add this as a cost.

Competitions that were put on hold will restart in October. I have attached the remaining games that need to be played. We won’t be creating any new competitions for the 2020/2021 season.

We are scheduling a meeting for all delegates (1 member per club only) on Friday 25th September at a larger venue (location will be given once confirmed) to discuss the continuation of the competitions. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE THAT EACH CLUB CAN BE REPRESENTED FOR THE MEETING. All outstanding trophies also need to be returned. Please ensure they are clean and sanitised.

Because of the timeframe in which we complete the previous season and start a new one, we won’t have enough time to create, print & distribute booklets. I will however ensure we can get all the relevant information posted on the website, which will be kept up to date. This will include the handicaps of each registered player for the season. The money saved from the booklets will be used on purchasing new trophies for next year.

All this is on the assurance that we can continue playing based on the governments advice. If circumstances change then all this would be put on hold. I am emailing today to get the ball rolling in the hope that we can resume. If anyone has any level of concerns, please email me and I will do my best to resolve the issue. Could I also ask for this email to be distributed to other players.

Thank you for your patience in the matter.