Rules of the League

The League shall be called "The Ossett & District Billiards and Snooker League".

  1. Conditions of Entry.

    All players and teams enter the League on a clear understanding that the house rules of the host club will be respected. Delegates should inform the league secretary if their club does not permit under 18 players, under 18 visitors or ladies.

  2. The Miss Rule.

    The Ossett & District Billiards and Snooker League does not play the "miss" rule except if a player can see an object ball but chooses to play as if snookered and misses, then a miss should be called.

  3. Free Ball Rule.

    In a free ball situation the player MUST nominate.

  4. Teams.

    A team is made up of 5 or more registered players.

  5. Match Play.

    All team matches comprise of 4 frames. The away team must provide a reliable referee. The handicap is to be on scoreboard before start of each frame. To determine order of play, the home captain enters their order of play onto their own result card and passes the card to the away captain who can then match up the order of play. After the card is submitted, either team may change one player, but only if a nominated player fails to arrive.

    In exceptional circumstances, when a team has only 3 players available, the opposing team will select one of the 3 players to play the final frame. All 3 players must be available for selection for the final frame. This exception can not be used in Team Knockout, Playoff or Champion of Champions matches and will only be allowed 3 times per season.

  6. Late Starts / Postponements.

    Matches commence at 7:30pm to 7:45pm. Frames can be claimed 147-0 from 8.00pm. Maximum of 15 minutes between frames. Matches may be rearranged by mutual consent under exceptional circumstances only (e.g. inclement weather) and the secretary must be informed on or before the original match date.

  7. Tied frames.

    If a frame is tied, black ball must be respotted, except in team knockout matches, when the black ball should not be respotted as this is an aggregate match. (see rule 10e regarding team knockout).

  8. Relegation and Promotion.

    A minimum of three teams will be promoted/relegated in each section.

  9. Meetings.

    Clubs can be represented by any registered player. 2 delegates per club may vote at monthly meetings. The AGM will be deemed to be the first meeting of the season. Clubs may fail to attend only one meeting per season without penalty. Subsequent meetingsĀ missed will each incur a 3 point penalty for each team in that club.

  10. Handicap and Scratch Competitions.

    Players should offer 2 different weekdays in 2 different weeks Both teams / players are responsible for contacting each teams / players. Any player unable to contact an opponent should contact the secretary, no later than 2 weeks after the draw has been made. If a match is not completed by the due date a result will be decided at the delegates meeting. No entries will be accepted without a contact phone number. A club number is not acceptable.

    1. Champion of Champions knockout.

      The top three teams from the Premier section and the A section and the top 2 from the B section will go into a draw. Winners of each section will receive a home draw in round 1 and subsequent rounds will be drawn.

    2. Ossett and District Championship (scratch).

      Individual; all rounds best of 5 frames, final best of 7 frames. Pairs; all rounds best of 5 frames, final best of 7 frames. The Individual Champion is eligible to be entered into the Yorkshire Snooker Championship and the Pairs Champions will be eligible to be entered into the Yorkshire Snooker Pairs Championship.

    3. Individual Handicap.

      All players to play off handicap. All rounds best of 3 frames. Final best of 5 frames.

    4. Pairs Handicap.

      Both players to add handicaps together and divide by 2 rounding up halves. All rounds best of 3 frames (including final).

    5. Team Knockout.

      All players to play off own handicap. Teams from lower sections will receive an extra start of 8 points per team per section. Black ball to be respotted only if aggregate is level after four frames as this is a Total Team Aggregate Match.

  11. Handicaps.

    All new players will be given a handicap of 10 which will be reviewed after every 4 frames at the delegates meeting. This rule is for players new to match-play snooker. The secretary must be notified with information about any player who has played in any other league at any time so that a true handicap can be given. The decision of the handicap committee is final.
    The maximum handicap is +35. There is no limit to the minimum handicap but no player may receive more than 75 points start in any competition.

  12. Transfers.

    Players cannot transfer to another team after they have played one game.Teams will only be allow to enter the same section if they retain at least 2 players from the previous season.

  13. Mobile Phones and Pagers.
    1. While a frame is in progress, the players involved in the frame are not allowed to carry audibly active mobile phones or pagers on their person. If such devices are carried they are to be switched off, or set on silent mode, i.e. set to vibrate.
    2. If a player involved in the frame is carrying an active mobile phone or pager and during the frame the phone receives a call, including alarm or reminder calls, and makes any audible sound, then that player shall immediately forfeit the frame, the result of the frame being recorded as 147-0 to his opponent.
    3. If the mobile phone is set to silent mode, and receives a call, the player may, when he is NOT in play, discretely check the call but NOT answer it until the frame has been completed.
    4. If a player wishes to keep his or her phone active for emergency reasons (e.g. family, medical etc.) during the course of the frame, they should leave the phone with another person who may be allowed to answer any calls received. Any messages received may not be passed on, unless the opposing team captain (or deputy) agrees, until the frame has been completed.

      Pairs and Individual Competitions.

    5. If a match is not in the charge of a referee, the above rule may be waived with the agreement of both pairs / individuals PRIOR to the commencement of the match; otherwise, the above rule, with the exception of paragraph 13d, is to be applied.
    6. While referees and markers are not subject to the playing rules, they should in the interest of good conduct and in the spirit of the game, switch off or mute their phones. In the event of the referee not being able to comply with either, then they should stand down in favour of another referee.